BEND #25 "What Happened" 2nd Edition


"What Happened" by Andy Jenkins. 2nd Edition, 2017.

Additions to 2nd Edition include a new short story, "Fireflies" accompanied by a new Travis Millard illustration.

And a foreword, written by the great Jason Crombie, former editor of Monster Children magazine.


"What Happened" is a compilation of prose penned by Andy Jenkins, the writing culled from his column, "Bender," in Monster Children magazine. Jenkins picked his favorite pieces — short stories, lists, conversations. The stories are loosely based on his experiences and encounters, ranging from humorous and quirky, to thought-provoking and... well, you decide. The accompanying art is by the talented, Travis Millard, regular illustrator for "Bender." His remarkable work peppers the collection and are spot-on interpretations for "What Happened."

8.5" x 5.5", perfect bound, 60 page soft-cover trade publication w/ 4-color cover and B&W interior. 2nd edition.

by Andy Jenkins and Travis Millard