REMNANTS Paper Collage Series (21-25)


This series of 30 collages were featured in Andy Jenkins's solo show "A Second Life" at the Magase Art Gallery in Sevilla, Spain, October of 2021.

"Remnants" is a collection of 30 original, hand-made collages by Andy Jenkins. Each collage is created on 9"x12" acid-free archival paper. Each work sells individually, see corresponding number in drop-down menu below.

If you wish to see detail shots of any individual piece, please email [email protected] for additional images.

Portions of this collection were used in the creation of "Remnants," a 5 board skateboard series for Uma Landsleds. The skate decks and series related prints are available for purchase at

Note: red circle with number is NOT on the artwork itself - it is for reference only.

Note: DO NOT hang art in direct sunlight.


by Andy Jenkins