REMNANTS Paper Collage Series (11-15)

$200.00 - $350.00

Collage #14 is featured on Cody Chapman's skateboard graphic in the "Remnants" series for Uma Landsleds. Also available as a print (see prints section of the shop).


This series of 30 collages were featured in Andy Jenkins's solo show "A Second Life" at the Magase Art Gallery in Sevilla, Spain, October of 2021.

"Remnants" is a collection of 30 original, hand-made collages by Andy Jenkins. Each collage is created on 9"x12" acid-free archival paper. Each work sells individually, see corresponding number in drop-down menu below.

If you wish to see detail shots of any individual piece, please email [email protected] for additional images.

Portions of this collection were used in the creation of "Remnants," a 5 board skateboard series for Uma Landsleds. The skate decks and series related prints are available for purchase at

Note: red circle with number is NOT on the artwork itself - it is for reference only.

Note: DO NOT hang art in direct sunlight.

by Andy Jenkins