PIECEMEAL collages


These are the remaining collages from the "Piecemeal" series.

"Piecemeal" is a collection of 50 original, hand-made collages by Andy Jenkins. Completed over a 37 day time period in 2020 (2/20 - 3/27), each piece is created on 9"x12" acid-free archival paper. Each work sells individually, see corresponding number in drop-down menu below.

If you wish to see detail shots of any individual piece, please email andy.jenkins@bendpress.com for additional images.

Note: Yellow circle with number is NOT on the artwork itself - it is for reference only.


PLEASE NOTE; Due to circumstances beyond our control, the Covid19 pandemic and the politicizing of the United States Postal Service, there may be delays in receiving your order. Bend Press is also, for the time being, suspending all orders outside of the US. Our apologies.

by Andy Jenkins