JENKINS ARCHIVE ART: Original Winning Drawing: BMX Action Drawing Contest


From the Jenkins Archives: Original winning drawing in BMX Action magazine's annual drawing contest, 1982

Origin; This is a special piece and has a historical significance in BMX culture. "This the one thing that got my foot in the door at Wizard publications and completely changed the trajectory of my career/life. A year after I won, I was hired and on my way to Torrance, California. Seriously, a dream come true. A heartfelt thank you and much appreciation goes to Robert Osborn and Steve Giberson for seeing something in a skinny 19 year old from Colorado. But that's another long story for another time." - Andy Jenkins
Year; 1982
Size; 7.5"x11.5"
Media; Ink, Zipatone halftones
Paper; Single thick, Crescent cold press board
Condition; Pretty good. The edges of the board have a little yellowing and staining. The Zipatone has also aged a bit. Come on - its 41 fucking years old!

NOTE: This piece needs to go to a true collector of BMX nostalgia and ephemera. Serious purchasers only. If you have any questions about the piece, please send us an email at [email protected]

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by Andy Jenkins