JENKINS ARCHIVE ART: Original Mechanical: J2 BMX Panels


From the Jenkins Archives: Original Mechanical: J2 BMX, 1982

Origin; Original mechanical for J2 BMX Panels. J2 was a number plate company founded by Andy Jenkins and Jody Jeffers in 1982. They sold the plates to very few shops, most were sold out of their trunks at BMX Races. Fewer than 500 were ever made as the partnership folded in 1984. This particular mechanical was for a printed flyer given out at national BMX events. The art is all hand done by Andy Jenkins, directly on the mechanical.
Year; 1982
Size; 11"x14"
Media; ink, Zipatone halftones, pasted tracing paper
Paper; Single thick, Cresent cold press board
Condition; Great. The board and tracing paper have yellowed over time

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by Andy Jenkins