AH CRAP! Coffee Mug

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Lettus Bee coffee mug. We all like them. We all drink from them — or stuff them with pens and pencils. Good for coffee, tea, bourbon, horchada, you name it. Buy one (or two), and please stop stealing (borrowing?) mugs from your local Coffee Shop. This one features Lettus Bee, of Wrench Pilot fame, about 1 second before hitting the ground. Probably broke his mug. Sorry Lettus, get another.

It’s standard diner size: 11oz.

For a limited time only, this baby will have a special prize stuffed into it. Maybe two. Every 5th mug gets a free "Ah Crap!" embroidered patch!

NOTE: Be sure to check out the companion piece to "AH CRAP," The "AHHH FUCK" t-shirt, also available here in the shop.

by Andy Jenkins